fertility adviceHello and welcome to my blog.

My name Darja Wagner.

I’m a PhD cellular biologist and have spent a great deal of my professional life trying to understand hormones, vitamins, and human genetics.

I love to know how cells work and wish everybody would want to understand cells, too.

As a teenager, I spent a summer in a science camp. There, I got infected with the idea of becoming investigator and never recovered since.

At the Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, I worked for five years on understanding how vitamin D and stress hormones signal in human psychiatric disorders.

After this, I moved to Berlin to continue on the interplay of vitamin D and various growth factors in regeneration processes in human stem cells. The last several years of my science career I spent teaching and researching at the Biochemistry Department of Berlin Free University. 

Then my two sons arrived and a whole new life began.

During the time I was pregnant with my first one, it occured to me how little women know about their fertility.

improve egg quality after 35I was so schocked, that I wrote a book about it! My How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart Way to Get Pregnant. It became #1 in the category Reproductive Medicine on Amazon (and still is as I’m updating this site in 2018).

At about the same time, I started writing a blog about what I felt I understand well (cells, hormones, vitamins). It turned out that women of 35 and above who were interested in improving quality of their eggs to get pregnant, either naturally or via IVF, were happy to find my blog in the Internet.

Little by little, I turned into a fertility consultant and reproductive health educator and never went back to the lab.

My original blog Paleo-Mama: Improve Fertility Naturally runs in English and German and there I address fertility and getting pregnant for women of advanced reproductive age in a language easy to understand by general audience.

The site you’re on right now runs only in English and is much more loaded with science facts (it originally started as a side-project because my main blog was experiencing some technical difficulties at that time…). Anyway, if you’re more on the science side of reproductive biology, you should stay here; if you’re looking for more general topics, please visit me at ImproveFertilityNaturally.com.

I continue to write, give talks, and collaborate with individuals and organizations interested in different aspects of fertility and extending reproductive lifespan of women over 35.

I’ve had a long interest in medical topics related to human reproduction and believe that our fertility makes sense only if put in the perspective of human evolution.

Please note that I am not entitled to give medical advice on treatments and disorders. However, feel free to send me your feedback, including suggestions, papers or links, and questions at: darja.wagner@googlemail.com

If you wish to contact me directly or need an advice on your fertility journey, please continue reading here.