Antral follicle count is a perfect readout of how active your ovaries are. Together with AMH and FSH, antral follicle counts adds a precious information to what exactly the time is on your personal biological clock and how many eggs you have left.

You can then build on this information yourself and adjust your life habits so as to give to those eggs all they need to make the best babies possible. The nice thing is, there are plenty of things that you can do to naturally increase your fertility to a lesser or greater degree (depending on the genetic factors but also on how hard you try).

In any healthy young women, about 30-50 new antral follicles appear on the surface of the ovaries every single day.  The majority of them will die before ever going beyond the stage of being a tiny bubble, because the timing is wrong for the most part of the month for them to develop any further. You can read entire article here: Why antral follicle count is a number you need to know.