How to determine antral follicle count?

It’s very easy. To determine this number, your gynecologist should, during a regular check-up, simply turn the ultrasound to a higher magnification and inspect both your ovaries for little bubbles and count them. That’s all. You will also be able to see these little spots on the screen (here is a video of antral follicle counting being done).

With thirty or more follicles altogether, the ovarian reserve is still strong.

With twenty or more, the woman should start thinking about having babies.

With about ten antral follicles, women are entering the stage where natural fertility is declining and they need to take action. For those who are in a relationship, it is time to address the question of becoming parents soon. For those who are not, it is time to focus on finding one. Whatever the situation, there is still time to adapt to the circumstances or change them.

At about five antral follicles or less…Please continue reading here Why antral follicle count is a number you need to know