Do you know your AMH levels?

The main reason why AMH is such a beautiful predictor of egg supply is that comes from the eggs themselves (actually from the cells which surround the eggs). This means, if eggs are not there, AMH will be low. It is as simple as that.

Testing AMH is very useful forwomen who want to postpone childbearing and need more information about the status of their fertility. In a nutshell, AMH answers the question: What’s the time on your biological clock?

Ten p.m.?

Fine, there is still a plenty of time.

Five minutes before midnight?

It’s time to get rid of the guys who are wasting your time and think seriously about how to get pregnant soon.

Fertility does decline as a woman becomes older, and the thing is, it is not possible to predict the rate of that decline for an individual woman. Many women actually believe that, if their period is regular, this means that they surely ovulate and their eggsare healthy enough to produce babies. This is, unfortunately, not true. Please continue reading here: Do you know your AMH and FSH levels?