does dhea help

Image courtesy: david castillo dominici

We all now know that DHEA can improve egg quality in women, especially those who are not 20 anymore.

But it was not always like this. It took a lot of dedication, research, luck, and even some self-experimentation (very important, without one brave woman who experimented on herself, we maybe still would know that DHEA eficiently helps improve egg quality!) to understand the effects of DHEA on maturing egg cells.

DHEA has come a long way in the past ten years – from a coincidental finding, to the more systematic research, to the recent large, independent, separately confirmed clinical studies.

It is now official, and we are happy and grateful to have at least one supplement on our side which can help us slow down our biological clocks in one particular moment in life, the moment when we try to become mothers.

But how did it all start? Does DHEA help improve egg quality in older women, and how? Who was the first one to figure out this important finding?

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