Egg freezing in a nutshell

Did egg freezing become a preventive measure for age related fertility loss? Should it become? Should we postpone parenthood until we have achieved our educational and career goals? Should we lean on positive outcomes while we’re in a search for a suitable partner, or while we’re establishing financial security? Do we have any guarantees that once we decide that it’s the right time that our frozen eggs would become viable embryos?

The answer to all is no. We should not put off parenthood to later stages in life only because it matches our plans. The fact that egg freezing is increasing chances of pregnancies does not mean certainty, and should not bring false hopes to women hoping to achieve all in life.

Egg freezing has recently been introduced as a means of increasing the probability of motherhood at advanced ages, should attempts at natural conception fail. The problem seems to be lack of knowledge and there’s definitely need for public health campaigns. The consequences of not being aware of the age related decline in fertility can be quite costly and lead to missing the opportunity of becoming a parent. We should work on increasing public awareness regarding the age-related decline in fertility and the fact that the presence of novel and effective fertility preservation strategies are contributing factors to the increased incidence of childlessness at later stages of life. It is likely that the egg freezing is the most effective when performed in patients younger than 35 years with a good ovarian reserve. This is not a technique which should be used as a substitute for ideally preplanned life, and left as the only option for later parenting in life.

We should emphasize the importance of preconceptional counseling of women by medical professionals, as well as education of young adolescents at schools.  Presentation of fertility health information through the media is essential. Women should know and fully understand all the options they have, but also all the risks that follow their choices, after all our ovarian reserves are limited and we should get acquainted with their limits.

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