The first TWO things to do if you want to get pregnant faster

how to get pregnant faster

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OK, what is a first thing a woman who wishes to get pregnant after 35 should do?

Talk to her mom.

Knowing when your mom has reached menopause is useful, as size of ovarian reserve is pretty much genetically determined.

While it is possible an even likely for women to have wonderful pregnancies in later age, for those who want to get pregnant and are serious about becoming biological parents, best is not to put all their remaining eggs in this fragile basket.

So let’s assume you’ve talked to your mom and found out that she went into menopause as expected. Still, six moths are passed and (in spite of your partner being healthy and fertile and you had good intercourse timing each time) you are still not pregnant. What is the second thing that a woman over 35 should do?

Go see a fertility specialist!

The drop in fertility between 35 and 40 is substantial: the chance to get pregnant goes from 20-25% down to about 5% per cycle. This happens because the eggs are aging and deteriorating in quality, making them more difficult to fertilize. That amounts to about a 60% chance per year that one will catch and even less that it the pregnancy will result in a live birth.

This is why I keep telling for years: if you’re in your 30s, and have been trying to get pregnant for six months with no success, do ask for help. What’s the point in waiting too long before seeing a doctor? I totally don’t understand why women over 35 (who already lost 90% of their egg suply) should first try to conceive for a year, then waste another year or more with tests and searchig for the right fertility specialist? Just to find out what they should have known the whole way through: what is the status of their ovarian reserve?

One simple blood test (well, two) will give you that important information. Please continue reading here.


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