waiting to get pregnant

Waiting to get pregnant is not easy

Countless women are going alone through the process of waiting to get pregnant. Typically, the longer a woman tries to conceive a baby, the more she will analyze and agonize about it. In the worst case, she can become so sensitized towards that issue, to the point that she isolates and retracts herself from people who once were most important to her.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Communicating and being able to talk about what frightens you while you are waiting (and hating it!) is absolutely essential. In addition, it is pleasant and will help you ease this sometimes devastatingly long process of waiting to become pregnant. Many women tend to isolate themselves and feel discouraged after they fail several times to achieve or keep pregnancy. As a result of the enormous psychological pressure, all kinds of anxieties, depression, or partnership issues can arise in this phase.

Especially in women who used to be high achievers, not succeeding in getting pregnant can push them to the limits faster. But once you are aware of all that, you can undertake everything possible to not let it!

Before consuming too much green tea and diving into courses which teach you how to relax, why not get together with other women who are waiting?

By talking and sharing hopes and fears it could bring you another perspective and relieve half of the emotional stress you are feeling.

Regular exchanges with other women who have similar issues works magic and gives you the feeling that you are not alone.

In some cultures, waiting to get pregnant is treated in a secretive manner and it is generally hard to meet women who will openly talk about it. But, if you are lucky to live in a big city, you can join groups which meet regularly to talk and support each other, or at least join an online community. With such a group, you can practice relaxation techniques or do sport together, eat out, or simply be there for each other to talk about any stressful experience which may occur along the way.


Image courtesy: FreeDigitalphotos.net