pregnant after 35Let’s see, what would couples who wish to AVOID getting pregnant do?

1. They would restrain themselves from having sex from the 10th day of menstrual cycle onwards,

2. They would stop having sex as soon as they notice cervical mucus becoming elastic, or any other sign of fertility coming  up.

So those who are trying to conceive should use the same method, only reversed, if they want to catch the ovulation on time.

This means, start having sex as soon as you notice any signs of increased fertility. Ideally, you should have sex one day before ovulation AND on the ovulation day. Sperm can live up to 2-3 days (sometimes even longer) and this intercourse spacing should make sure that enough sperm are there when your ovulating egg starts coming down the Fallopian tube.

Having sex too often won’t increase a probability of getting pregnant: as the matter of fact, couples who had sexual intercourse every OTHER day had invariably better pregnancy rates then those who never missed a day.

Having sex to rarely is also not a good option, as it increases probability to miss the fertile window alltogether (yes, there are eggs which remain capable of conception only within a few hours time-frame).

Here are some more subtle signs which may help you to catch the ovulation day:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Slight abdominal pain, often on the side of ovary where ovulation is taking place
  • Feeling sexy and having an increased libido

Or you are tired from catching every single sign of ovulation and timing intercourses?

A much better method to determine ovulation is by using simple ovulation stripes – they are cheap, easy to use and for me there is no reason for any women who is trying to get pregnant to NOT HAVE several of them in each bag.

Believe me, these simple little tests which will cost you hardly any time or money can really save you A LOT of pain, stress, and anxiety during the time in which you are trying to conceive. Especially if you are a busy, working woman and can’t organize having sex (or even meeting your partner!) every day: knowing exactly on which day you ovulate is a blesssing.

To this, please try to practice eating organic, whole foods, and (of course!) avoid smoking and drinking. Mediterranean diet is a nutrition of choice if you are really determined to shorten the time to pregnancy.

Having a healthy and fit body is often not enough. A relaxed mind is also needed and this can really be a problem in some women.

Whatever you undertake to improve your chances of getting pregnant, you may want to keep in mind that healthy, fit eggs are the most important factor which ultimately decides whether a woman gets (and stays!) pregnant.

Work on improving their quality and give yourself sufficient time to do this (2-5 months).

I wish you all the best on your way to the baby!