refresh old aging eggs

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When it comes to egg quality, the age of the mother is the most important factor. The older the egg, the more difficult it is to be fertilized, for a variety of reasons. Poor egg quality could also be partially due to inherited reproductive issues, chronic medical conditions, and even environmental and lifestyle factors.

The biggest issue with waiting to have children is that the eggs lose their “battery life.” The eggs are there from the day women are born, so they are like “flashlights” turned on in the closet when menarche sets in. The flashlight is okay, but the batteries run low. After the age of 36, the light/quality of the egg starts to dim significantly, and by the time a woman reaches 40, the quality of the eggs is so low, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to conceive without assistance of high-tech (or at least high doses of supplements like this).

What if, however, you could have those older eggs “energized” to increase their chances of being fertilized? Then, women may significantly increase the chances of conceiving with them, either with IVF, or even naturally. Please read the entire article here: How to energize eggs and improve fertility after 35?