Obesity and depression

Most people nowadays lead a sedentary lifestyle. Even without numerous studies we are able to see that obesity become common, and that we should be more physically active. Did you know that obesity is related to depression? Should we fight it, or treat it with medications? It surely depends on how severe and serious […]

vitamin D and pregnancy

How are vitamin D and getting pregnant related? Should we use it as supplement?
The real name of vitamin D is Calcitriol. Two main ways to get vitamin D are by exposing your bare skin to sunlight and by taking vitamin D supplements, or food rich in vitamin D. Just sunshine is often not enough […]

Egg freezing in a nutshell

Did egg freezing become a preventive measure for age related fertility loss? Should it become? Should we postpone parenthood until we have achieved our educational and career goals? Should we lean on positive outcomes while we’re in a search for a suitable partner, or while we’re establishing financial security? Do we have any guarantees […]

Egg freezing and certainty of becoming a parent

In recent years egg freezing methodologies have changed. Prior to vitrification, a slow freezing method was used for egg freezing and it frequently resulted in formation of small ice crystals damaging the egg cell, as the cells are mostly water. Nowadays oocyte vitrification has significantly advanced the outcome of oocyte cryopreservation. This improvement has […]

Genetic parenting

It’s been 30 years now from the first human baby from frozen egg cells. When in 1986. 42-year-old women showed up in a clinic where she had a few options of becoming a parent: egg freezing, embryo freezing, egg donation program and adoption. What nowadays is a big market was just an experiment on […]

Women with certain genetic disorders can tend to have fewer eggs

Women with certain genetic disorders can tend to have fewer eggs.

Women with infertility issues often worry that there could be some greater plan behind them not being able to conceive.

Well, there may be something behind it. Every now and then I come across reports of various genetic disorders and disease-causing mutations being linked to […]

Should all women over 35 who are TTC avoid alcohol?

Should all women over 35 who are TTC avoid alcohol?
In February this year The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report on the effects of alcohol use in pregnancy which concluded that women who are trying to conceive should completely abstain from alcohol:

“…The report also found that 3 in 4 women who […]

DHEA-S: What to monitor and what to be careful about

If you are over 35 and trying to get pregnant, it is likely that supplementing with DHEA over a course of several months could help you improve egg quality.

However, before doing so it is advisable to first check your basal DHEA-S values and then monitor them every two months or so because:

1) you want […]

Fertility bloodwork: hormones which are most important for fertility

This happens to me very often: a woman writes to me (here is how you can do that if you have a question) and tells me all about her fertility journey.

Then I say: all right, but could you please send me your recent bloodwork?

Then the woman sends me a ton of data: all the […]

Something about relationship and men

On this blog, I keep writing about new research in the area of improving egg and embryo quality. But now I want to say something about relationship and men:

Many women are relaxed about a guy not being available for a while and not letting her know he’s thinking about her during that time.

I don’t […]