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I often write on how women over 35 who are trying to conceive should eat Mediterranean diet because there is good scientific support to it, but recently I became convinced that some aspects of Paleo Diet, when cleverly combined with Mediterranean eating style, could be prove useful for increasing fertility in both women and men. Why?

First, because of its organic, whole-food component. Second, Paleo is very low-carb, low-sugar, and low-gluten. Third, human ancestors have eaten that way and our digestive system is adapted to it. And as a scientist I can’t resist to add the fourth point, Paleo Diet has more solid scientific support than any other diet will ever have – did you know that there were teams of scientists from Harvard (yes, teams who were sent out in the desert to live and work with hunter-gatherers over the course of several years) who described what is today known as Paleo eating style?

In Paleo nutrition, we are essentially talking about consuming a wide variety and countless animal and plant species and living closer to nature and seasons than with any other kind of diet. Here is what those who wish to try Paleo should think of:

  • Meat should only come from organically raised and pasture-fed animals living under conditions that match, as closely as possible, their natural environment. Even better would be to stick with wild game or fresh fish.
  • Vegetables can be eaten in all varieties, colors, and from all seasons, especially all rooted or stock vegetables, which are a great source of carbohydrates.
  • Fruits are also welcome, but only seasonal and in limited quantities. Sweets must be avoided, with rare exceptions, such as consuming honey. Honey too should come from a local bee-keeper if possible, because it then contains traces of pollen from plants growing in your neighborhood, which can help strengthen the immune system in women sensitive to allergies.

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