menopause starts early in some women

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Menopause starts early sometimes

Things your mom hopefully told you


Just like the visible traits are passed genetically from parents to children, so are those we can’t easily see, and the size of an ovarian reserve is one of them. Actually, one way in which research is trying to understand the menopause of a woman is by analyzing the menopause pattern of her mother. Recently, it was found that the ovarian reserve declines faster in women whose mothers underwent an early menopause, suggesting that the fertility potential of a woman is, at least to some extent, inherited from her mother.

When you talk with your mom, ask her some general questions first. Ideally, most answers will sound familiar, so you only need to add some extras to what you already know.

Find out how your mom’s life was when she was pregnant with you.

  • How old was she?
  • How was her nutrition (remember, her pregnancy is the time during which your eggs were created)?
  • Did she have a lot of stress and how did she cope with it?
  • Was she exposed to any extreme circumstances, such as radiation?
  • When did her menopause start?

Some women enter menopause very early, some in their mid-20s, and there is a strong genetic component to this. So, if your mom tells you that her menopause started much earlier than what is expected for an average healthy women (age 48-51, although this can vary considerably from one woman to another), that could be reason enough for you to visit a fertility specialist and have a few values checked. Here is some great stuff about which values to check and when.

But, whatever your mom tells you, make sure to not over-interpret it this information. You are an individual, your own set of genes and life circumstances, not a copy of either one of your relatives, and not a data point in any statistical set. When it comes to genes, there is not much you can do anyway, apart from knowing early enough and planning accordingly.


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