vitamin D and fertility

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Vitamin D deficiency is one of the leading dietary deficiencies worldwide.

It is especially prevalent among women and children. Vitamin D deficiency affects every 1 out of  3 women in the reproductive years of 19 to 45. Depending on your skin color, amount of time you spend outdoors and the latitude of the place you live in, chances that you are vitamin D deficient could be even higher.

Statistics have shown that 93% of the women with infertility issues suffer from vitamin D deficiency. And just today I’ve read an interesting study published in 2014 in Human Reproduction: 368  women were treated over a period of 15 months prior to IVF cycle. Following the single embryo transfer on the day 5 , it turned out that pregnancy rates were lower in women with vitamin D deficiency compared to those who had normal vitamin D levels.

In other words, findings suggest that women with sufficient levels of vitamin D are more likely to achieve pregnancy following IVF or ICSI treatment. Therefore, vitamin D supplementation (with supplements like this one for example) could provide an easy way to improve pregnancy chances.

There is absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to win by improving vitamin D status.

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