On this blog, I keep writing about new research in the area of improving egg and embryo quality. But now I want to say something about relationship and men:

Many women are relaxed about a guy not being available for a while and not letting her know he’s thinking about her during that time.

I don’t agree with this.

If a guy truly cares about you, he will make room for you in his life. Period.

In my opinion, women are a way too passive and insecure when dating and after the age of 35 and this can have bad consequences. That’s why my message is:

Don’t be too nice. Rock his world. Don’t make anything easy for him! Men need to know that what they’re investing in is worth their time and effort. So even if you run into an infertility issue with them later on, they will have strength to stay in the relationship and give their woman support. You can find my article here: How to know if your guy wants to commit and have a baby with you