There are at least two diet styles that are scientifically proven to increase fertility in women. These are the Mediterranean diet with its many fertility benefits published over the last years and the Harvard Fertility-diet, which works particularly well in women with ovulatory disorders.

But many women have realized that there are huge overlaps between the two eating styles, as well as discovering that two more diets can help to improve fertility naturally: Low-carb and the Paleo-diet.

Why Low-carb? Why Paleo? What did our ancestors eat? How can we employ the knowledge we have to maximize our fertility and general health?

Well, we can hypothesize, but in reality we don’t have enough archeological evidence to tell us what our diet plan should exactly look like. Because of this, both Low-carb and Paleo nutrition remain more of a mental approach than an actual set of dietary recommendations. You can keep that at the back of your mind or (as I did during the time I was trying to get pregnant), add some aspects of Paleo and Low-carb to your Mediterranean (or Fertility-) diet for best results. Read the entire article here: While Low-carb and Paleo-diet might help increase fertility naturally there is one thing to be aware of: