Just yesterday a 32-year old woman wrote to me to say that a well-known RE recommended egg donation only based on one single blood test: AMH (value was 0,68 which is here in Europe still considered hopeful) and no other hormones were tested?! And I’m speaking about the US, not any third-world country!

In order to get a good estimate about your fertility potential, you need more data than a simple AMH-test. When it comes to estimating fertility, there are no shortcuts and only one or two hormones are not enough to get a reliable picture.

What is fertility testing? What exactly should be tested?

In reality, fertility of a women is a continuum and not something that categorizes well.

A certain value from a blood test can cause feelings of panic by placing you in a particular category (“low responder”! “high FSH”! “diminished ovarian reserve”!) whereas in reality there is very little difference in fertility potential between you and someone belonging to the neigboring category (“normal ovarian reserve”, “normal fertility” etc.). Please continue reading here: How to find out how many eggs you have left? What a fertility test should include