getting pregnant and improving egg quality after 35

What to do when trying to get pregnant after 35. Image courtesy louigi_diamanti at

What to do when trying to get pregnant after 35

Many women decide to have children later in life, but pregnancy in the late 30s or after 40 can poses additional risks and a possibility of complications to the mother and baby. Even though a healthy pregnancy later in life is a likely event and women should generally not feel to stressed or panic about it, preparing yourself before you become pregnant can help you get your body in the best condition for a successful pregnancy.

You can see it as simply buying some extra time, or getting an insurance which you will hopefully never need.

So what should be done when trying to get pregnant after 35 (if you need an individualized advice, here is how you can contact me)?

Your physician should be your first stop, before you try to become pregnant. Existing health issues must be handled, since, for example, unmanaged diabetes can increase your risk for miscarriage and moderately high blood pressure can fast get worse during pregnancy. Therefore a general checkup is a must.

Make sure you have a healthy weight before trying to get pregnant. Overweight and underweight can both lead to a reduced fertility.

Good nutrition is especially important during the preconception period since healthy levels of folic acid and other vitamins can help prevent certain birth defects. Do not totally rely on pre-pregnancy vitamins, but eat lots of citrus fruit, legumes and dark leafy greens. Eat a lot of whole grain and cut down on the refined carbohydrates. Get your protein from lean meats, fatty fish and low-fat dairy.

Start exercising or increase your activity level.

If you have not stopped smoking, take your wanting to get pregnant as the final incentive to do so. Once pregnant you should not smoke, so why postpone the inevitable? And, most important, smoking is directly related to poor egg health, i.e. your fertility.

Since the probability of a fertility problem is so much higher for women who want to get pregnant later in life, you should consult a fertility doctor or fertility clinic, if you do not conceive within 6 months of trying to have a baby (or even earlier, it is OK to listen to your inner voice!) Waiting longer may diminish your chances of conceiving, as your fertility may be declining und treatments may become less successful as you are aging.


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