Almost daily I get emails from women who report some kind of miscommunication with their fertility doctors: too short or too long times in-between the IVF rounds, treatments which are determined by financial rather than the physiological realities, egg donation scheduled too late or too early in the process etc.

But the kind of miscommunication that I personally find most devastating in terms of its far-reaching consequences is that many clinics won’t support any natural methods for improving fertility.

Basically, the moment you check into a fertility clinic, you kind of admit that nature doesn’t work and give your partner and yourself into the hands of technologies (and literally put all your eggs in one basket). This can become mentally devastating if the process of becoming pregnant turns out to taking longer than expected.

But there is of course more than this. My several years of dealing with the possible reasons for miscommunication have lead me to the FIVE following conclusions to where communication fails and why: Why communication with fertility doctors sometimes fails?