improve eggs at 40, bad egg quality

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Just yesterday I got a following email. I decided to take a quote out of it, to illustrate something that I often get to hear:

I have found your blog in Internet and I have been reading it nonstop for 2 days. It is very interesting and enriching, thanks a lot for this information! And thank you again for your work! I think the knowledge you are spreading is very valuable. I think I am a highly educated person with quite a good understanding of biology, and even for me it was a surprise that at 40 you have almost no eggs left. Somehow with all these celebs getting pregnant at 45 we all lose a sense of reality. So, I guess spreading the knowledge about fertility is extremely important. Thank you again! ūüôā

So why don’t women know more about their eggs? Why do we easily get blinded by all these celebrities getting pregnant in their mid-40es? Only because we so desperately want it to be true?

And how could it happen to me that I got a Ph.D. in cell biology and still let my eggs almost dissapear before I tried to get pregnant for the first time (I wrote about it in details in my E-book)?

Knowing more about eggs from early age on would enable women to love, cherish, and support their uniqueness and maximize and strengthen their fertility before it inevitably fades away. Please read the entire article here: How to increase egg quality and get pregnant at 40?


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