Many women have heard that fertility declines significantly in the late thirties, and they thought hard about what to do about it. The logical solution would be: get pregnant immediately. But that is easier said than done and please don’t tell me the career thing is the primary issue. I’ve talked to a zillion women in their mid-30es about this, and most would be happy to give a break and become mothers. Unfortunately, very often it is they haven’t developed a relationship.

More and more women are turning to freezing their eggs in the hope of cheating the biological clock, but while the science is solid, the odds that frozen eggs will someday give your babies are not. To date, there have been only a several dozen babies born from frozen eggs, did you know that? Meaning we have no clues about how those babies will turn out to be. From the evolutionary perspective, we are running an exciting experiment on our genetic material (but without proper controls or any person in charge).

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